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Getting You Where You Need To Go

Is there a specific problem or query you're trying to sort out? Often a quick visit to the CAB is all that's needed to resolve the issue - in the form of; some advice, a brochure, an application form or assistance via the internet.

However, we understand that some matters are more involved than that. Our volunteers are trained to deal with these more complex situations in a confidential and impartial manner. If necessary, you can speak to them privately, where you'll be asked a few specific questions before being referred to the local agency that will best assist you.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to make contact with that agency directly. Listed below are some organisations and agencies in the immediate area. And, by all means, come back to the CAB if you haven’t found what you’re seeking.

Services Australia (DHHS)

Government Services other than Centrelink or NDIS, Housing Assistance

Salvation Army, Leongatha

General Counselling, Low Cost Clothing and Furniture, No Interest Loans

St Vincent De Paul (Vinnies)

Low Cost Furniture and Clothing, Low Income & Homelessness Support

Anglicare Australia

Foster Care, Financial Counselling

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