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Help! They Want More Paperwork

We’ve all been there. With legal disputes on the increase and a growing reliance on the internet to apply for just about anything, a clear, concise Application Document/Letter of Demand/Affidavit/Cover Letter goes a long way towards getting action.

However, many struggle with these requirements because of lack of computer access, difficulty with language or any number of other reasons.

CAB staff can draft a letter or assist with an online application on the spot. They can also make as many copies as the process requires and even email the final result to your intended recipient.

No appointment necessary. Simply come into the bureau armed with the information you need to be included.

Some 'Frequently Used Documents' to help with your document preparation are available below.

Statutory Declaration blank (PDF)

Letter Of Demand blank (Word)

Simple Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Word)

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